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         The Asian Society for Engineering Education (AsiaSEE), founded in 2019, is the first Asian regional network of higher educational institutions leaders with commitment to improve engineering education. With over twenty founder members, we contribute to the enhancement and advancement of engineering education. 


        AsiaSEE organises annual conference and events that facilitate members to exchange ideas, share knowledge and best practice, discuss issues in engineering education, as well as strengthen their network.

AsiaSEE's Vision

            To be the trusted body in Asia to facilitate communications and cooperation in engineering education between members, institutions, industries, stakeholders and like-minded societies in the world.

AsiaSEE's Mission

To contribute to the advancement and enhancement in engineering education via research and practice for the future generation.

AsiaSEE's Objectives

  1. To provide a forum for exchange of ideas to address issues, tackle challenges and advance innovative approaches of engineering education and research in Asia;

  2. To provide opportunities for collaboration between members, institutions, industries, governments, academics, students and relevant stakeholders;

  3. To foster cooperation with other engineering societies and organisations with similar objectives in the world;

  4. To identify and resolve significant issues, differences and challenges in engineering education in Asia;

  5. To promote and provide opportunities for cross cultural engineering education practices, research and student learning experience;

  6. To facilitate the development of the Asian dimension in engineering education;

  7. To strengthen the basis of engineering education research;

  8. To enhance collaboration between research and teaching staff from the engineering field and the educational field in Asia;

  9. To recognise member contributions in engineering education; and

  10. To promote and enhance students’ social responsibilities as members of the future engineering community.

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