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Corporate Membership

With AsiaSEE, you and your corporate will:

Network and influence engineering education leaders: AsiaSEE provides a platform for your corporate to consistently network with leaders in engineering education from higher education institutions in Asia and around the world. AsiaSEE facilitates communication between educators and the industry to forge strong collaboration. Your corporate can involve in improving the quality of engineering education. An annual conference will be organised to make your voices heard through discussions with education leaders about the expectations of engineering graduates and the development of engineering education. You can influence how engineering students are educated and ensure the quality of the future engineers;

Enhance branding and marketing: You can increase your corporate visibility by marketing your services and products in our publications and events. Advertisements with the name and logo of your corporate can be displayed on promotional materials. This can increase the reach of your advertisements to target audience and new markets across Asia;

Recruit talents with ease: Innovative engineers and talented graduates across Asia can be conveniently recruited. Job advertisement can be posted on our websites or publications. Information or recruitment booths can be set up during relevant events;

Keep up-to-date on the trends in engineering education and research: Your corporate will be able to engage in on-going dialogue with engineering educators and researchers, so that you can be updated with the latest engineering projects and technology from research-intensive higher education institutions in Asia; and

Fulfil corporate social responsibility: AsiaSEE and academia welcome the industry to co-host events or programmes to allow corporates to fulfil corporate social responsibility. For example, entrepreneurship competition, innovation competition or start-up fund need the support from the industry to be successful. You can show your corporate’s commitment in education and social well-being from organising these activities. Research collaboration also allows the industry to transform academic discoveries into practices or applications to solve real world problems. AsiaSEE can assist in connecting project partners and organisation of the projects.

Benefits for Corporate Member:

Discounted rate for employees of your corporate in the annual conference of AsiaSEE; and


Free access to online resources and periodical AsiaSEE publications (tentative);


The annual fee for corporate membership is US$1,000 for small SMEs (less than 10 employees) and US$3,000 for medium enterprises (between 10 to 50 employees) and US$6,500 for large enterprises (over 50 employees).

How to join


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