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Individual Membership

With AsiaSEE, you will:

Network and influence engineering education: AsiaSEE will provide a platform for you to consistently network with engineering education leaders from higher education institutions in Asia and around the world, as well as with corporates across Asia. AsiaSEE facilitates communication and collaboration among engineering educators, researchers and the industry. An annual conference will be organised to promote knowledge exchange on engineering research, best practices of teaching and learning, as well as the future of engineering education.

Connect with the world: AsiaSEE seeks to cooperate with other like-minded engineering education societies in the world. You can connect with top engineering educators around the world through AsiaSEE;

Benefits for Individual Member:

Discounted rate in the annual conference of AsiaSEE; and


Free access to online resources and periodical AsiaSEE publications (tentative);


The annual fee for individual membership is US$15 for full-time students from non-member institutions and US$150 for individuals other than full-time students.

How to join


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